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Privacy Policy

Personal data (in particular full name, e-mail address, etc.) declared by users / customers through www. bbshoes. gr, used exclusively for the purpose of processing of electronic transactions carried out by users / customers. The collection and processing of such personal data, as well as the retention of of the relevant file is carried out exclusively by specially authorized executives of BBshoes. The BBshoes takes all necessary safety measures and protection of personal data and the observance of its confidentiality processing, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on protection of the individual from the processing of personal data.

The BBshoes has no public accessible file of users/customers' personal data declared through www. bbshoes. gr. The BBshoes reserves the right to disclose the details of the a record kept by it to its affiliates or collaborators businesses, in the context of supporting, promoting and implementing the electronic payments made. Details of the record kept personal data may be transmitted or communicated to the competent judicial and other public authorities, provided that the transfer or notification are required by the applicable legal provisions or a court decision. The transmission or communication of users/subscribers' data to the above recipients will be made in any case in accordance with the provisions of the law. Regulation (EC) No 2472/1997, as applicable. Users/subscribers have the rights information, access and objection to processing and transmission data relating to them provided for in the provisions of Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.

The BBshoes explicitly states that it does not sensitive user data is collected and processed /subscribers within the meaning of Article 2(ix). b of Law 2472/1997.

The use of the application www. bbshoes. gr implies the granting of consent user/subscriber for the processing of his/her personal data declares through this application by the specially authorized executives of BBshoes and the keeping of a personal data file, for the the purpose of ensuring the ability of the user / subscriber to communicate with <span style="font-size: 9pt;">www. bbshoes. gr and the processing of electronics payments made through it.

This privacy statement concerns the site of the company Hatzigiannis N. Sofia (www . bbshoes. gr). 

When you send a request online, the information we provide used to answer your question electronically. We consider the applications you fill out and the e-mails you fill out you send private. We do not transfer their content except to the direct interested recipient and in the law, if requested to do so or in the case of that the content of the message we consider to be of concern to us.

Such action is necessary in order to:

  • We protect our rights and property our
  • Protect ourselves against evil or not authorized use of site of BBshoes.
  • Protect our personal safety or privacy property of our users and audience.

BBshoes has links to other sites. We are not responsible for their security policy or on how they manage their online visitors.

Read below in detail our company's policy for the management of personal data:



Our company sets as a priority the security of your personal data and for this reason has harmonized the all its services as well as the way they are carried out with the National Bank of Greece and European Legislation, mainly with the new Personal Protection Regulation Data (EU) No .../... 679/2016 (GDPR).

Through our privacy policy, your on the one hand, we inform about the practices of our company in relation to the processing of your personal data and on the other hand for the rights that you have as subjects of this data. This way you will be able to you provide us with your explicit consent to the collection and processing of personal your data, which you can revoke or even modify per at any time.


In accordance with Regulation (EU)  No 679/2016 (GDPR), personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different information which, if gathered together, can be lead to the identification of a specific person, they are also data Personal. The personal data that have become anonymously, encrypted or for which aliases have been used, but which can be used to re-identify a person, personal data remain and fall within its scope GDPR. Personal data that has been rendered anonymous so that the an individual is not identifiable, it is no longer considered personal data Character. For the data to be truly anonymized, anonymization it must be irreversible.

GDPR protects data personal nature regardless of the technology used to their processing. It is technologically neutral and applies to both the automated as well as manual processing. It also doesn't matter the way the data is stored – in digital or paper form.

Only  the company and the company and the authorized by her employees, strictly and only for the purpose of carrying out the transaction with you. Data that we collect are for example the name, address, mobile number telephone, landline number, e-mail address (e-mail) as well as usage data, such as member name, password access and IP address. In some cases only age, gender, interests and favorites, when you provide them to us yourself on your own initiative.


Our cοmpany collects maintains and processes your personal  data only when you voluntarily provide them to us, for the following purposes:

  1. For our communication with users and the resolution of any disputes.
  2. For the provision of customer services, such as for the provision of offers and informational e-mails.
  3. The informing users about promotions, new products,  offers of our company or even competitions he proposes or participation in exhibition initiatives.
  4. The informing users about various events in which it participates or organizes our company.
  5. For offering a personalized experience on our websites
  6. The obtaining information on how our website is used by visitors,  with the aim of continuously improving it.
  7. For research and statistical purposes related to its operation of our website.


We collect your personal information when:

  1. You are using the services of our website.
  2. You sign up in the newsletter subscriber list.
  3. Mas provide information about you in the contact forms of the website or on paper transaction forms during your on-site and in-person presence at the premises of our company or our distribution network or at facilities of our external partners.
  4. Submit some evaluation of a product or services.
  5. Submit some comment on our company's blog


You have the right, at any time, to:

  • receive confirmation as to whether your personal data exists and to be informed of their content and origin, verify accuracy and request their correction, update or modification
  • ask the deletion, anonymisation or restriction of the processing of personal your data processed in breach of the applicable law oppose the processing, in all cases, of your personal data for legitimate reasons.
  • can send your request to address indicated below. In your request, please include the address your email, name, address and phone number and clearly define the information you want to access, Change, update, remove, or delete.

We remind you that even after the cancelling your account, or if you ask us to delete your personal information data, copies of some information from your account may remain visible in some cases where, for example, you have share information on social media or other services, or for example, when the preservation of such copies is necessary for purposes of complying with legal obligations or for purposes of law Defense. Due to the nature of caching technology, the Your account may not be directly inaccessible to others. We may also retain backup information about your account on our servers for some time after your cancellation or request for deletion, for the purposes of complying with the applicable law.


In addition to the above rights of Privacy Policy and following the implementation of the Regulation on The Protection of Personal Data, you will also have the right, at all times moment, to:

Request by the Company to restrict the processing of your Personal Data to case where:

·          You dispute the accuracy of the personal data until we take the necessary steps to correct or verify their accuracy

·          The edit is illegal, but you do not want us to delete your personal data

·          No we now need your personal data for the purposes of the processing, but you need them to create, exercise or defend legal claims.

·          You have object to processing on grounds of legitimate interests pending verification as to whether the Company has compelling legitimate grounds to continue processing.

·          You object the processing of your personal data

·          Request the deletion of your personal data without undue delay

·          Get an electronic copy of your personal data, if you wish to transfer your personal data that you have provided to us, either to yourself or to another provider ("data portability") when the personal data processed by automatic means and processed either (i) is based on your consent or (ii) is necessary for its performance Service of the Company, and

·          Submit a complaint to the competent data protection supervisory authority.

The period of completion of each request is 30 days and there may be an extension of this, upon of your relevant information.


Our company in the context of protection personal data checks at regular intervals the necessity retention of your personal data and deletes any of them that it deems not useful and not strictly necessary for the purposes of processing.

We protect your personal information using security measures to reduce the risks of loss, bad use, unauthorized access, disclosure and modification of your personal information. In addition, we restrict access to data your personal nature to those employees who need to know them in order to fulfill their professional duties. They will be edited your personal data solely in accordance with ours instructions and undertake to abide by relevant confidentiality terms. To We have already organised training and training seminars for them in in accordance with <span lang="EN-US" style="">GDPR activity, processing and general behavior.

We protect the safety of your information during your transactions using software which encrypts and anonymizes the information you enter.


The Company may notify the your personal data for the purposes of processing the transaction to third parties persons cooperating with itand in particular:

In third-party service providers entrusted with activities processing and, when required by applicable laws, appointed duly as processors (e.g. cloud service providers, other organizations of the group, service providers who serve or support its Service Company and therefore, for example and without limitation, companies that provide IT services, experts, consultants and lawyers-companies resulting from possible mergers, divisions or other conversions)

In affiliated companies in their capacity as controllers data or data processors.

On competent authorities for the purpose of complying with applicable laws.

You can ask the Company a complete list of the designated data processors at [email protected].


Our company in order to ensure your optimal navigation on our website uses the 'Cookies' technology.

'Cookies' are small text files that contains information that is stored on the computer's hard disk when you browse our website and can be removed per at any time. We use 'cookies' to enable distinguish you from other visitors, record your IP address and how you use our website, as well as to We facilitate your access to all the functions of our website. The Use of 'cookies' allows us to collect statistical information and advertising purposes, but mostly to personalize the experience browsing, saving your preferences.

No cookies are placed on your devices, except for necessary cookies, without or before you provide us with your consent.

You have the option to disable 'cookies' at any time, in an easy way, through the options of the browser, but if you do, we won't be able to record your purchases or allow you to make a purchase from our website/ or we will not be able to provide you with the best access to all the functions of our website.  In addition, we will not be able to you identify as a registered user so you can access it your account information.

All consents to cookies provided through our website are kept at the same time and in writing and kept in a safe place.

Finally, we would like to inform you that every 12 months from your last entry to our website, the validity of any consent given and a new one will be requested.


The company sends us regularly Time intervals newsletters to its users of our website. By creating your profile on our website, you join automatically in the list of recipients of newsletters to the e-mail that Stated. In each newsletter you have the option to discontinue if You wish to send you a newsletter, with a relevant link to end of each e-mail (easy-to-understand process unsubscribe). Finally, our company maintains the the right to remove any recipient from the newsletters Coupon. For any issue that arises as well as for any relevant information Regarding the operation of the newsletters, please feel free to contact with us.


Submitting your message to a form communication to our company and clicking ("checking") on the indication "I CONSENT", you accept the terms regarding the use of your e-mail  and your name by the company our. We are committed not to using this information for commercial purposes promotion, transferring them to third parties. In case you don't want to We keep your personal information obtained through the use of the form communication, you can request its deletion.


We do not knowingly process, any information from any person under the age of 15. Site We are exclusively addressed to people who are over 15 years old. If you are down of 15 years, do not use or provide any information in this website. If we find that we have collected or received personal data character from a child under 15 years of age, we will delete this information, unless explicit consent has been given , or authorization from the child's guardian. 


The Company may modify or update this Privacy Policy and for the purposes of complying with the applicable law.

See Effective Date at the top of this Privacy Policy to see when it has been revised for the last time this Privacy Policy.


You can contact us at following email  address [email protected]